Cleaners for refrigeration technology

Westfalen Biopower C

Effectively dissolves and removes greases, oils, proteins and other dried-up deposits and stains. Suitable for a wide range of applications in refrigeration, industry, catering, building cleaning and service industry. Thanks to its chemical composition it is biodegradable and very skin- and environment-friendly. Suitable for and approved in the food industry and gastronomy. Ideal for cleaning refrigerated counters.

Westfalen Evaporator

Liquid, alkaline cleaning concentrate for cleaning air conditioners (indoor units), air filters, condensers, evaporators, air ducts, etc. Pigment soils such as rust, graphite, oil and grease deposits are safely removed. Suitable for cleaning and rust protection for iron, non-ferrous metals and aluminium. Also applicable for cleaning glass, plastics, painted surfaces and ceramics. Available in the fragrances Neutral, Green Tea, Ocean Breeze and Mint.

Westfalen Condenser

Alkaline, liquid combination of components with a high percentage of effective surfactants for cleaning refrigerators, indoor and outdoor condensers. Persistent dirt and grease deposits as well as pigment soiling are easily removed. Special inhibitors prevent massive material degradation. Delicate aluminium lamellae are protected.

Westfalen Coil Universal

Alkaline cleaner for inside and outside units. Cleans evaporators and condensers. Materials are protected by corrosion inhibitors. Neutral smell and skin-friendly